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Mr, Christian stood stock-still in the middle of the floor
with his thick arms crooked and his hands almost together
before his chest, the fingers spread and curved as though
grasping an invisible object. "Just let me get my hands on
any two-timing bastard that sells one leaf outside after he's
signed," he said slowly and distinctly, his lips drawing back

a little to show the strong, yellow teeth, " and I'll------" He

jerked his hands apart with a quick, twisting motion.

"Take it easy, Bill," the Captain remarked. "It's just
human nature some of 'em will try to crawl out and sell
when they figure the time comes. We've got to expect that.
It's in the cards. It's always in the cards, Bill. The Lord
Jesus picked out what he figured was twelve good men, you
k&ow, and one of 'em sold him out."

"Just let-----" Mr. Christian muttered.

" Why, Bill, the Lord Jesus was a pretty good picker. He
just got stung on one out of a round dozen. The only
wonder is, somebody didn't beat Judas to it and give a cut

Mr. Christian sat down at the table. His fingers, with their
flat, thick nails, began to twist the edge of the black felt hat
that ky on the table before him. He was silent and morose
for the rest of the afternoon.

At some time or other during the course of almost every
meeting of the board, Mr. Munn himself would feel the
general confidence and excitement taking hold of him. That
feeling made everything seem so easy, every difficulty so
superficial, the future so clear. It was like the sustaining
and transforming warmth of liquor in a man's stomach. Not
cwn the example of Captain Todgl, whom Mr. Munn
actaiired, or his own habit of holding an idea suspended in
lik mind, turning it and considering it, could readily temper
tint feeling when it seized him. He would study Captain
3fM*s face, motionless or smiling behind the clipped grey
kttti, aod wonder about his calmness, what appeared to be
kit deep, inner certainty of self, his caution and detachment
wl tirieninee in regard to the world outside himself. He